New MonitEM-Lab – 5G ready!

Wavecontrol proudly presents the new MonitEM-Lab, an appealing and updated design of the successful indoor monitoring device specially developed for laboratories, working centres and industrial, military, airports facilities, etc.

The new MonitEM-Lab has been optimized for high frequency applications, for example the future 5G bands.

It allows 24/7 monitoring of high frequency EMF up to 3, 8, 18 or 60 GHz depending on the field probe used. In case of future applications, only the field probe is to be changed, not the full unit.

Its installation can be either as stand-alone or to a wall, features visible and audible alarms (customizable) and complies with ITU-T K.83 recommendation.

Monitored levels can be followed with a PC via ethernet, or via intranet/internet through an optional control centre.